Causes of Learning Disability

Helping people with learning difficulty means understanding that this usually develops before, during or shortly after birth. Things can happen to the central nervous system that can cause a learning disability. A child can be born with a learning disability if the mother has an accident or illness while she is pregnant, or if the unborn baby develops certain genes. Genes are chemicals in our bodies that contain information about us, like how we look.

A person can be born with a learning disability if he or she does not get enough oxygen during childbirth or is born too early. After birth, a learning disability can be caused by early childhood illnesses. A child can also be born with a learning disability if certain genes are passed on by a parent. This is called inherited learning disability. The two most common causes of inherited learning disability are Fragile X syndrome and Downs syndrome. These are not learning disability conditions, but people who have either condition are likely to have a learning disability also.

Downs syndrome is a genetic condition caused by an extra chromosome in a persons cells, all living things are made up of cells. Chromosomes are parts of cells. All people who have Downs syndrome have some kind of learning disability. It is important to remember that often it is not possible to say why someone has a learning disability.